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David Scheel
Behavior & Benthic Ecology
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  • Leslie A. Cornick
    Marine Physiological Ecology
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  • Brad Harris
    Applied Fisheries Science
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  • Rusty Myers
    Environmental Science
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    Welcome to the Marine Biology Access page.
    The Marine Biology program is part of the Environmental Science department at Alaska Pacific University

    About this page (http://marine.alaskapacific.edu/marine)
    Scabbard Bay Adak Is. c D Scheel

    MARINE BIOLOGY at Alaska Pacific University

    Marine Biology majors study the life of the oceans, and the environments in which it occurs. Marine biology is an interdisciplinary science. Students study the natural sciences, math and statistics, tools of the trade (aquarium husbandry, geographic information systems, scientific diving), and a variety of topics in marine biology.

    When you major in marine biology, you'll study fascinating sea life, the chemistry of ocean water and the physics of life in a fluid medium. At Alaska Pacific University, you will live it also - caring for corals or octopus in the aquarium lab, identifying and counting fish or invertebrates on surveys of the ocean bottom, working safely on the water and underwater, monitoring marine mammals, and applying scientific principles to our knowledge and management of the oceans.

    From Alaska, marine biology majors visit a world of marine ecosystems, from cold-water rocky reefs to temperate coastal estuaries to tropical coral reefs.

    Marine Biology degree: B.Sc. or minor in Marine Biology | Master of Science Environmental Science degree

    Program Resources

    [ Marine Biology Program: Home | Projects | Facilities | Degree | Field | Sponsors ]

    [ Aquarium Biology, information about our Aquarium lab and its activities. |

    Behavior & Benthic Ecology, research on the behavior and ecology of marine animals,
    particularly within benthic communities, and with a special interest in cephalopods. |
    Marine Physiological Ecology, research on Alaska marine mammals conducted by the lab of Prof. Leslie Cornick. |
    Fisheries Applied Science & Technology, Alaska Public Media report on research conducted in the lab of Prof. Brad Harris. ]

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